A big controversy over "Okonomiyaki" in Hiroshima and Osaka

Hi, it's Misa from Takayama.

By the way, when you hear "Okonomiyaki", what does it remind you of ?

This one?(Osaka's style)

Or this one? (Hiroshima's style)

As you can see, we have two different types of Okonomiyaki in Japan, one is from Hiroshima, and the other one is that of Osaka.

Since I was born in Hiroshima(and was growing up in Shiga), and I definitely have handed down spirits of Hiroshima from my family there, so I would like to emphasize Hiroshima's one is best!

I know people in Osaka, they definitely have grown some arguments towards me, and am willing to accept it as I know it eventually should end up admitting both are really good and they are the one we can be proud of in Japanese foods.

But when it comes to how to make them, it is obvious that the one from Hiroshima takes more times and more complicated to make it.
I learned how to make it from my mom when I was 12years old, she sensed that was right time to teach.
Lately, I made it for my close friend who used to work with me at my previous company.
She is going back to her home to give a birth in a few month, and before that I made it for her since this is her favorite.
It is always good to see people happy having foods I made for them.
(The Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima style in the photo above, this is what I made it lately!!) 

Anyway, in this way, there has been a controversy over those two Okonomiyaki.
Yet I cannot deny both are really tasty, there is one thing that I strongly would like to insist as I have been afraid there might be misunderstanding about the Otafuku souse which always come with Okonomiyaki in either style.

This souse plays a very important role and even is a sort of something decisive for the taste of Okonomiyaki.

However, I reckon many people think this souse is made in Osaka. But it is not true.
Otafuku company which produce this souse, was established in Hiroshima long time ago.(the predecessor of Otafuku was there even before WWⅡ.)

"Otafuku"(お多福) this means "ample happiness", and became the company's new name( its product's brand name as well) when they had gotten on restoration of their business after WWⅡ, wishing more happiness would come people in Hiroshima and Japan.



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