a class reunion

Hello!! This is MAYU from J-Hoppers Hiroshima:)

It's getting hotter day by day... So hot...

I can imagine how hot will be this summer!!

I am 31 years old by the way.

31... 31... time goes so------- fast...

I attended class reunions last night.

I met some of my childhood friends and a teacher 

of elementary school.

everyone is over 30 years old...

It's like this picture.

 In the middle of life.  It's like an Autumn.

How's going your life? good? great? so-so?

My life is going good. I like this life.

But... Where am I going? Am I alright?

I have so many anxiety about my future.

My teacher said to me 「You've got conservative.」

Why not??

Autumn makes me lonely and conservative.

BUT Anyway, I'm really enjoying my life everyday:)

It's coming soon a winter.

I need to make ready for the winter.

 What a wonderful world!!!!


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