After all the cherry blossoms have fallen...

Japan is a country of Sakura, or cherry blossoms. Everyone looks forward to seeing Sakura in full bloom every year and a lot of people, both Japanese and foreign visitors come to Kyoto to view beautiful blossoms from the late March to early April.

Along with falling cherry blossoms, the crowd is gone and the city regains it's equanimity. Sakura is definitely one of my favorite flowers and I feel a little bit sad every time I see falling petals. Although having said that, I actually love this time of the year between Sakura season and humid summer time. Because 1) I love fresh green color, 2) it's usually nice weather and  3) I get to see various beautiful flowers.

The other day I went to see Fuji flowers (Wisteria) and Shibazakura (Moss phlox) at a local water and sewage plant.They open their garden to public for just a few days a year.

It was absolutely amazing to see the contrast of elegant purple of Fuji flowers, vivid pink of Shibazakura and green maple leaves. They were just stunning.

Fuji vines climb by twining their stems either clockwise or counterclockwise round any available support. They can climb as high as 20 m (65.6 ft) above the ground and spread out 10 m (32.8 ft) laterally.

Sakura is beautiful, but I personally find the elegance and gorgeousness that Fuji flowers have comparable.  


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