Hello. I'm Hiro from J-Hoppers Hiroshima!

If you have a chance to come to Japan in this season, I recommend you to go beer garden!!

It's a beer restaurant located in open space on the rooftops or gardens of department stores and hotels for limited time period between May and September.
I usually go there with my friends on the way back from work or shopping.
Here are some nice places where you can enjoy Japanese beer garden in Hiroshima!!

Fukuya hatchobori department store
6-26 ebisucho naka-ku,Hiroshima(082-249-2156)
2 min walk from Hatchobori tram station

Date:May 21st-September 20th(5pm-10pm/last call 9:30pm)

Price:(buffet) 3000yen for men/2700yen for ladies/1500yen for middle and high-school students/1200yen for children/kids under 6 are free

(BBQ) 3300yen for men/3000yen for ladies/1800yen for middle and high-school students/1500yen for children/kids under 6 are free

Mitsukoshi department store
5-1 ebisucho naka-ku,Hiroshima(0120-44-2741)
1min walk form Ebisucho tram station

Date:April 28th-September 26th(17:30pm-22pm/last call 21:30pm)

Price:3100yen for men/2900yen for ladies/1600yen for middle and high-schoolstudents/children over 4 are 800yen

SOGO department store
6-27 motomachi naka-ku ,Hiroshima(082-225-7776)
1min walk from Kamiyacho-nishi tram station

Date:May 1st-September 13th(5pm-22pm/last call 21:30pm)

Price:3100yen for men/2900yen for ladies/1900 yen  for middle and high-school students/1300yen for children/free for kindergarten

Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy Japanese summer!!!



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