Kimono day!

Hey, this is Yulia from J-Hoppers Kyoto!
This week on Monday just for 1 day I turned into a classical tourist in Japan, who rented a kimono and went to visit one of the most beautiful temples in Kyoto, Kiyomizudera.
At the first place, I was surprised with a number of kimono rental shops in Kyoto. One of the cheapest solutions was found in Yumeyakata at Gojo Street. 2500Yen for kimono and 1500Yen for hair design. So we made an appointment and went to see how it works.
Actually, for me it was the first time to wear a kimono. But living a year in Kyoto gave me opportunity to see many of them on Japanese and foreign women. Therefore, I already had an idea about the color I wanted. But my expectations didn't really match reality. First, we were asked to choose a kimono. Room was full of colorful silk. But it turned out to be that for tall women like me (170 sm) there were not so many options. I wanted some tender peach and beige tone kimono, but for my height there were only bright colors like green or blue, which made me quite frustrated. Anyway, after choosing my kimono, it was turn of obi. Luckily, the staff helped to find a proper one. Yellow, shining obi! Never thought it is my style! But let's try!
When all set was chosen, we went to a changing room, very spacious place with at least 10 kimono professionals. One layer after another I was tightly bound with obi. HARD TO BREATH!
In 15 minutes my hair was done and I was standing in front of the mirror quite amazed. Here is the result!

Visiting Kiyomizu Temple was nice! I will try to erase from my memory 20 minute hike in tight kimono and all the heat. But it was a great day! Hope i will have opportunity to wear a kimono again!


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