My events in May

This is Kimie from J-Stay.

This season of new green leaves is the best for jogging, hiking and cooking for stock food for hottest summer. 
On this occasion I want to introduce my events in May. 

(Tea Factory tour)
After hearing this children song for News green tea I feel early summer is coming!  
According to Japanese old calendar, it is the best season for new tea leaf  counting 88 nights from the first day of spring.

One my day off on 13th May I went to tea factory in Uji with my friends. It become an annual event in May. This company "KOYAMAEN" organize tea factory tour during New tea season from the begging of May.  
After viewing video about process to make several tea, Guide bring us showing the  following process. She came from Chile, South America. She said Tea changed my life. This phrase impressed me.  

1. Tea picking experience
2. Factory tour
3. All you can drink Mattacha (Nomi Hodai) and Green tea sticky rice cake

We call one dose for one cup of Mattacha tea bowl. It came from medicine when brought tea because it was originally from Chinese medicine. We learned Tea ceremony "Sado" developed in Japan it self such as meditation, education for Samurai and elegant manners for Japanese lady passing era. 

There is big difference from black tea. Stop oxidation with process to steam and dry immediately tea leaves within 2 hours. 

mini museum in tea room "Tokonoma" today's topic is New tea leave with flower Ayama 

tea plantation near factory
Sun guard for tea leave
Time limit is within 2 hours for steam 
dried tea leaf taste like sea weed.

only the first and second tea leaves for Mattcha

Monks learn as well for meditation? 
 fresh greenery 

(Preparing Stock food for summer )

In grocery store its easy to find seasonal vegetables and fruts, Japanese pepper "Sansho" and Plum (Ume)

Sansho helps fish plates especially  for putting fragrance  and getting rid of odor of fish.

My friend send me Ume(Plum) without any use of pesticides. Because I want to  have Ume without any use of pesticides after reading one cooking book written by Tatsumi Yoshiko (Ms).
One day my friend updated on Facebook asking someone wants to have them free...My wish came true!!!

 I used to make Ume shu (Plum Licor) in preparation for day of the ox during the hottest season. But this time I prepared Ume Syrup without licor. 
I am looking forward to tasting it every night after my job. 
Thanks for gift of this season 

My bible for stock food by Yoshiko Tatsumi 

Enjoy your early summer!



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