Trip to Fukushima!!

Hello, this is Nao from Q-beh!

I went to Fukushima last month.
Actually, it was my first time to visit there.

In Kitakata city:)

The weather was so nice! Even though I haven't got sunburn in Okinawa last month, I got so much in Tohoku instead :D
It was perfect timing for cherry blossom.
I've never seen such a gorgeous street of weeping cherry trees.

Katsudon in Aizu! It was soooo delicious.
I had many delicious food during this trip.

I was really excited to visit Aizu.
Because I love Bakumatsu era (late Tokugawa shogunate era), I wanted to visit since I was a high school student. 
Once, Aizu had to be one of big battle places.
They had many victims by the battle even among women or children to dedicate to their leader(Matsudaira Katamori) under Aizu Domain's rules...
Tsuruga castle was badly broken then.
Now it's very beautiful and peaceful place, so you can't imagine how hard the place was.
They had sad memory in the history before and again had to suffer from the severe disaster 4years ago...

However, I found out people in Fukushima are really strong and kindhearted.
Now I think they are more friendly and like chatting than people in Kansai! :D

See you again Fukushima in near future*°


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