If you are looking for the place to buy flowers in Osaka...

Hello, this is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel.

These days, I have been buying flowers for many occasions.
My friend's, granma's, mum's birthday presents and my coworker's farewell gift.

I have my favorite flower shop in Shinsaibashi. It is called Aoyama Flower Market.
This is their logo
It is chain stores and you might find them in Tokyo, Osaka area.
I have been few shops and they have florists who skilled in the use of colors.
And the quality of flowers are pretty good.

This is my favorite shop
On the basement 1st of Daimaru Department Shinsaibashi (near the subway exit of Shinsaibashi)
You can pick the flowers you like to make a bouquet, or they have some pre-made bouquet.
For the gifts for someone or for your everyday use.

You can tell the staff about your budget, the color, type of bouquet (long or short) ,
they listen to you and pick the flowers for you and make a beautiful bouquet.

They also have an arrangement like this.
This is the bouquet I got it for my mum's birthday.
Flowers don't live forever, so it is kind of sad,
but the moment you receive it,  is very very special I believe.

If you are looking for the place to get some flowers,
I recommend you to get one from them:)


Serenella said…

I would like to have some information about your hostel in Osaka but I can't find where I can write to you. Could you please tell where I can write for more info? :)

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day.


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