Japanese style wedding of my sister's

Just before the rainy season started、 on the very very sunny day, there was my sister's wedding in Kyoto.

Honestly wedding is definitely something I would avoid as much as I could.
Not because I am cold enough to congratulate others, nor do not want to spent money on it.
Just because I just feel awkward to be inside of the new relatives that I probably, and most likely will not meet again and the way wedding is held these days is too overwhelming for me,it's almost feels like a "show"at Disney land or something.

But that was the day I change my mind.

The wedding was held in a shrine, Yoshida Shrine (吉田神社) which is on the yoshida mountain
where you could enjoy a light hiking.
There were some instructions ho we should behave and stuff before getting into the ceremony for each side of the family separately, and finally we were getting into the shine lining up (husband's side of the family first).
We seated, we had purified sake, and we seated.
I do not have pictures of the ceremony it's self as we were not allowed.
But it's a paparazzi shot for you!

 After the ceremony, we moved to a restaurant "Kikunoi"
菊の井 to have a meal all together.
(and yes, this is the most exciting moment for me)

My sister and my brother in law breaks a sake cask rid with a small wooden hummer, this is called Kagamibiraki (鏡開き). One of the meaning of it is to open a good luck for the future.
In front is my baby nephew:)

The food was great, it was a Kaiseki course meal the ones on the picture is the first small dishes which were special for the happy day like wedding.

The one in front: sake from the cask in masu "枡"(it's a measuring cup originally)

Left side on the back: Sekihan "赤飯" rice cooked with red beans, often had when we celebrate something

Right side on the back:Namasu (carrots and white radish with vinegar). This is also for celebration like new year as well because of it's happy colours (red and white).

I understood with my experience that wedding is a ritual, or if not, just a simple ceremony to connect 2 different families and welcome each other. And not supposed to be a big gorgeous show to show off  blah blah blah.

I would be happy to participate if this kind:)haha


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