Osuga Cho!!!!

Hello from Hiroshima Hana hostel, It's Kana here. Because of rainy season, it's raining almost everyday in Hiroshima....It makes me little depressed...Can't wait to have Summer!!

There are really cool area for dinner and drink near Hana Hostel. Only few minutes walk from Hiroshima Station. The area caled "Osuga Cho 大須賀町"
The area has the atmosphere of  Japanese good old days.

Do you like SAKE? If yes, I know one really good cosy restaurant with a lot of Sake which made in Hiroshima. Did you know that Hiroshima has really awesome Sake breweries.

The restaurant called KISHIMOTO SHOKUDO (岸本食堂).

 They have so many different brand of sake from Hiroshima region.

They have a Sake set menu which is only 1000yen and you can choose 3 different types of Sake.

  If you can not choose what you want you can just tell the owner what flavour you like. They will pick up the best one for you!!

We were 3 people and we order many diferent types of sake and shared all together so that we could taste many many different Sake!!! Can't remember how many we had...But it was one of best night for sure!

They have beautiful food too. This restaurant is the one of the best restaurant I have been to in 2015!!!
Nice Sake, food, awesome atmosphere and people!

Why don't you experience great Japanese good old days at Osuga Cho??!


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