“Pachanga” night or Picnic night? -Which is the best way to enjoy a rainy day!-

This is Kimy from J-Stay!!
My hometown is Kyoto. As I meet a lot of interesting people from different countries through my lovely job, they tell me know Kyoto is an amazing city and Does not bother me.
I guess the rest of my life will be at Kyoto too. 
However sometimes I really feel some attachment to Latin America! 
I really love Spanish and Latin America. 
My first inspiration was when I was ten years old.
It was during a painting class in elementary school.The teacher instructed us to draw after she read a story about a Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudi. Unconsciously, that activity sparked my admiration to the Spanish culture. 

My previous job was a secretary for one of the energy Company of South America, in Colombia. I had worked for 4 months in Santa Marta Colombia, a Caribbean beach sight city. Every weekend, my coworkers and I went to the beach and national park and danced the "Ballenato"- a tropical dance. Those were good memories. 

That’s why I believe reincarnation!!! :)

Thanks to my job I have many opportunities to meet Latin America.
If I were Latin-American girl at a certain moment yesterday at farewell party I really had that feeling. One of my guest from Mexico whose name is Alejandro is my special guest. He traveled to Kyoto to study Japanese. Since it was his first time to live in Japan, I helped him survive the new environment. 
So we treat him as a kitty, we don't leave him alone, who never fail to make us smile. It means he has a likable personality. But the same time he was real wild traveler during his stay in South Korea, Cambodia, Okinawa. He did hitch ride and camp on the beach. 

My coworker Erika and I organized farewell party ("Pachanga" in Spanish) for him this Tuesday. Because we have lived in Mexico more than one year so we can speak Spanish and love Mexican and Latin American culture. If it were sunny we would want to have night Picnic party along Kamo River. But it is rained we held it in Erika's House. 
We were supposed to invite but to no avail. But we had no idea that there was no Spanish speakers, only Latin American. 

There were ten people whom we invited confirmed to grace the invitation including the daughter of my Venezuelan friend, two Mexicans, and -- accidentally,  one guy from Hong Kong because they stayed in our hostel where Erika works. 

I did my best to cook some dishes  like Vietnam fresh spring roll, Pathai and rolled lettuce vegetable, and fried ground meat sauce for this Farewell party. I forgot taking pictures. ;( Anyway we definitely had good unforgettable memories .

Latin American people never stopped talking, joking, and laughing. We were impressed with their personalities. If was given a chance to live again, I prefer to live in the same way. 

Alex, we miss so much but the only reason I am saying good bye is so that I can get a chance to say hello. So Study more Japanese!
He recognized there is in tiny thing in happiness. Let’s do Pachanga again!




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