Solar Impulse or how amazing my job is!!!

Few days ago I saw on the news that Solar Impulse, experimental solar-powered plane has landed in Nagoya. This project is a world tour of European plane that is using only solar energy and no gasoline. It started in Ab-Dabi and was gradually going to the east making stops in India and China. To be honest, this idea seemed crazy to me. Rely only on the sun is quite a risk, I thought. Who would know that this story actually would affect me a little?

Working atJ-Hoppers often gives me great chances to meet very interesting guests. And this time I saw a young couple coming to reception and looking for a place to stay. Luckily, we had a twin room for them. It turned out to be that they are coming from Nagoya, and they have only one day in Kyoto, because next day they have to be back to Nagoya to take part in a meeting about Solar Impulse! THIS FRENCH COUPLE WAS IN THE TEAM OF THAT SOLAR-POWERED PLANE I SAW ON THE NEWS!!!! Young man turned out to be a pilot in French air forces and his girlfriend was on her internship. They were traveling with this plane to Nagoya. Unfortunately, in Nagoya the plane had some difficulties with the wing. So they had to repair it.
Meanwhile, rainy season is on its peak in Japan. So it is still not decided when they will continue their experiment and fly to the US.

Anyway, my work still surprises me day by day!


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