Summer Bargain in Osaka

Do you like shopping?
I do love shopping, especially clothes:D
If I had a lot of money, I will spend much money to it.

But I cannot do that in

For those who loves shopping like me, there's a bargain and summer sale is coming soon!

Here are the each shopping mall sale information!!

HEP FIVE : 10th July~12th July

GROND FRONT : 3rd July~12July

LUCUA : 3rd July~12July

NU Chayamachi : 3rd July~12July

Hankyu Department : From 8th July

Shinsaibashi OPA : 25th June~12th July

Namba Marui : From 1st July

They have 10%~80% off, Big bargain!
Let's go shopping:D


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