Hello. This is MAYU from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

It's getting scorching sun in Hiroshima.

I don't like this season. too hot and too wet...

Now, There are so--------many young people from 

foreign country in Hiroshima.

Guess why.

It going to be held the 23rd WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE

in Yamaguchi soon!!!

Do you know this convention?

I did'nt  know that.

They are traveling all over the Japan now toward Yamaguchi.

And then from July 28th to August 8th,

They gather together at meeting place.

They will enjoy having a communication by music, dancing, 

and study of all over the world!!

It will be 30,000 people in there!!

I don't know about scout well:(

But some of my friends was belong a scout

when I was elementary school student.

But from junior high school,High school,

I've never met people who belong a scout.

So It's really interesting that over 15years old people

do scout. It should be good experience to be adult human.

They will should have so many foreign friends

and they will be great friends forever:)


 I knew a wonderful world which will be 

great motivator for the piece of world for young people:)

I hope that HIROSHIMA will be unforgettable

memory for them.....



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