Going for a walk in Uji City

 This is Yoshi from Gion Ryokan Q-beh!!
 I recently visited Uji city to go for a walk on my day off.
Uji city is famous for green tea, where we can find many tea shops, restaurants, and goods related to green tea!!

Only green tea available! No coke....No Dr Pepper... No 7up...
 There were many people in a queue in front of Nakamura-Tokichi restaurant as I wanted to have green-tea sweets there...but I just abondaned lining up...
So, I had a grean-tea soft serve ice cream on the approach to Byodoin Temple.

 Near Uji river, there is a parking area both for cars and motorbikes.
Then, it is just 2 minutes walking to get to the riverside and Byodoin Temple from there!

 Byodoin Temple was built in the 11th century.
The famous picture of the temple can be found on the surface of 10yen coin.
In the temple, national treasures are enshrined, including Buddhist statues such as "Amida Nyorai Seated Statue" and "Dancing Statues."
I think it is the best temple in Uji City! It was absolutely marvelous! 

 It is also the best season for cormorant fishing called "Ukai" here!
Ukai is an unique traditional method to catch sweet fishes by surprising cormorants with a bonfire and let the cormorants swallow them.
It takes place in Uji river from 14th of June to 23rd of September.
I hear that these sweet fishes are really fresh thanks to the cormorants.
If you wish to take a boat, please buy the ticket (2,000yen per person) for the boat until 6pm as it is demonstrated for visitors from 7pm (6.30pm from 1st to 21st of September).

Uji River
I found cormorants in a cage!
It is a really quiet area for sightseeing surrounded by beautiful nature, compared to the centre of Kyoto City. I will try pints of green-tea beer next time I will visit there : )


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