Summer feature

This is Shige from J-saty.

Kyoto is getting hot, humid and hot day by day.
It is danger to go around in the daytime.
But summer has many things to go outside.
We can not stay in the house everyday.

What do you imagine for Japanese summer ?
 Fire works? Swimming in sea? BBQ? Summer festival?
 I can say so many things about summer.
But today I would like to recommend ”Koushien"

Koushien is normally baseball stadium name.
But in summer, this name has a different meaning.
In Summer time, there becomes the high school baseball of the special place.

Many exciting games and impress scenes  are happened there.

Every summer, I watch many games on TV, also I go to Koshien, if have time.
It is really really good.
Please check it if you have time.
It start from 6th of August.

And you can get in there free(out field seat).
I recommend that watch the game at Koshien and drink beer under the summer sunshine.



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