Japanese Tea Stand

Hi there.
I have accidentally found this tea stand recently.
I don't know any other tea stand even in Kyoto where the tea ceremony was born.
The stand opened last December and now they are preparing English menu.
They have many kinds of tea, you can customize and take away like a coffee stand.

Green smoothie is very popular in recent years but I got green TEA smoothie this time!
The smoothie contains tea leaves, pineapple, honey and coconut water.
That sounds weird combination though it tastes really good.
You tastes the sweetness first (not too sweet) and then the tea flavor come after.
It is very refreshing and nice to have it in this season.

tea channel TERAMACHI
Address 266-2, Shikibu-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8061

Along "Takoyakushi" street, between "Teramachi" street and "Gokomachi" street

Opening hours Wed. to Sun.  10am - 8pm

Mon.  12pm - 8pm

Tue.  Closed 



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