My first Seishun 18 Trip 第一次的青春18之旅

Before coming to Japan, I had searched numerous information regarding budget travel in Japan.  Seishun 18 Tickets青春18’ always comes up on the web. JR train company offers a budget train ticket set twice a year during summer and winter which everyone (regardless of the age) can buy 5 train tickets to travel unlimitedly on the normal and rapid trains for only 11,850 yen.

My colleagues who are passionate about traveling went traveling by 18 tickets last year both in summer and winter.  I was amazed with the ideas of visiting a new place far away by train and at the same time enjoying the beautiful scenery while enjoy music or train bento.  Then, chance comes last month.  I went on my first Seishun 18 trip!!!

By searching the recommended route online, I chose to travel like this:
Kyoto(Gion Matsuri)->Tottori Sand Dunes->Kinosaki Onsen -> Kyoto
Gion matsuri is the three of major festivals in Kyoto.  Thanks to my lovely colleague Saorin, I was dressed in yukata(summer dress in Japan) to enjoy my first day in Kyoto.  

My second day in Tottori is a super hot day.  I went up to the sand dunes under the sun and the temperature is around 34 degrees.  The sand dunes look like a real desert to me. 
I love hotspring in Japan and Kinosaki onsen is one the onsen that I am longing for visiting in Japan.  While heading to Kyoto, I stopped there for 3 hours to enjoy the onsen and the local cuisine.  The quality of the onsen is as good as I expected and the sushi rice with zuwai crab is so yummy !!! I have decided to visit Kinosaki onsen again in winter to try the famous matsuba crab.

It is a wonderful journey to travel by train and I indulge in the stunning scenery especially the train ride along the Japan Sea.  After the trip, I am totally recharged for my work again.  How about saving more money again and prepare for my next journey? :P


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