Thoughts about 70th Anniversary: Nuclear Bomb

 Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, It's Kana here.
The temperature at the day time  is CRAZY these days. I almost got heat stroke  while I am working. All of sudden, i felt sick and couldn't stand still...
Please drink a lot of water while you are out in the day time to avoid getting heat stroke..Don't underestimate heat stroke...

August 6th is the most important day in Hiroshima.
2015 August 6 is 70th anniversary of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima.
I was born, and grown up in Hiroshima,my grand parents are survivor of atomic bomb. Every year of this day makes me think a lot. 
Everybody has different aspect of opinion about world war second so I am not gonna talk about it much.
What I want to share with everyone is...

We got a call from lady on the other day. She said

" I made a lot of small bag from my Kimono for the people who will be coming on Aug 6th to pray for peace with us. Could you give them for free?"

She brought 60 of them with handwriting letter for all those bags. 

She lives in Osaki Kamijima(大崎上島), it's a small Island near Hiroshima, but it takes at least few hours to get Hiroshima from where she lives.
I was so impressed with her and couldn't thank her more. All the guest who came back to the hostel after peace park them seemed little depressed but when received this beautiful hand made bag, the bag made their face back to smile.

Thanks again to her and people came to Hiroshima to pray for peace.


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