Climb Mt. Fuji 2nd time in my life

Hello! This is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel.
I climbed Mt. Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan -  3776meters) second time in my life.

We took the bus from Fujinomiya station in Shizuoka prefecture.
 We met this gentleman while we wait for the bus.
He told us he climb Mt. Fuji 4times in a year on 4 different route.
We asked him some questions and he knows we are beginner.
 After the bus departs, he came to us and gave the map of Fuji which he bought it for himself.
I was not sure if I will be able to make it but after I received the map from him,
I made my mind I won't give up.


This is Fujinomiya Route.
You can see the 8th hut
It doesn't looks so far but it was.....

We had Udon noodle on the 7th hut
Amazing view
We are over the cloud !
We cross from Fujinomiya to Gotemba route and stay this place
"Akaiwa Hachi gou kan"
We highly recommend this place.
Staff are super friendly and nice.

The dinner is all you can eat Japanese Curry!
Taste great!!
such a lovely place and people
The weather was amazing and we could see
the shadow of Fuji " Kage Fuji" 影富士
The shadow extends from the land to the sky!

We would like to say thank you for all the staff at
赤岩八合館 Akaiwa Hachi Gokan
If we have any chance to go back, we will stay there for sure.
Weather was perfect!
Actually, I never thought I would climb that mountain twice in my life....
Because when I tried it first time I was 12years old with my family and we did it in 1day.
And it was so hard for us to climb 7hours and get down 4hours in a day with the lack of oxygen.

But I absolutely enjoyed it this time with a perfect weather.

I really thank to my boyfriend who encourage me to try it again
and all the people I met on Mt. Fuji.

I will try one more time in the future !!


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