Every day life :)

These days in J-Hoppers Kyoto we are having a trainee from Steiner School Yui-chan. She is on her second year of high school, and she chose our guesthouse to learn how it is to work at the front desk.

As for me, I think it is a great opportunity for high school students to understand who they actually want to be before choosing the major and entering university.
First of all, our manger Erika made a small excursion for Yui-chan in our small hostel telling the history of the place, since J-Hoppers Kyoto was the first guesthouse of our growing J-Hoppers group and explaining some marketing nuances. While guests were coming for check-in, we showed how we work with foreign and Japanese customers. We also talked about major Kyoto sightseeing spots and easiest ways to go around the city. Yui-chan also helped us with cleaning and decorating the space.
And today we are going to organize small Poland Party with Pierogi!
Please join!


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