Sign of the begging Autumn

This is Kimy from J-stay.

Are you enjoying Autumn?

I would like to introduce 4 things to expect at the start of autumn

When we look at the sky, brush clouds and shape of sardines clouds make us feel that autumn is coming soon.
There are many kinds of cloud name in Japanese especially in autumn.

When you hear the orchestra of bugs at night, it means it's the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.
Long time ago the Japanese noble people enjoyed bugs in different kinds of entertainment.
*Night Concert Competition
*Bug Hunting
*Best bug as a gift to the emperor

TV program showed that part of the brain are working when people are listening bugs ring.
Asian: Right part (Sensitive creative part)
Western ;Left part (Analizing part)
Japanese: Right and Left part

That’s why Japanese people have made thousands of poems during many centuries.

Here is one Japanese old poem 500 years ago written by one great poet and I learned it in tea ceremony lesson
松虫 高砂のおのえの松に吹く風をふもとにうつすむしの声かな (千草有功)
Matsumushi (Pine cricket)
On the top of beautiful hill I feel wind through pine tree forest at the same time, under the hill the orquestra of Matsumushi (pine tree crickets) are playing like a copy of this wind.
The Japanese people believed that wind brings new season. So according to this poem the writer wants to express even though bugs are feeling this kind of change of season.

As we know that this is the best season to harvest foods.
There are many kinds of food as a sign of this season; Mushroom, Chesnutt, Sanma (pacific saury), peer, grapes and sweet potato.

Let's enjoy autumn. :)



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