What a beautiful buddy!!

How's going your life??

For me...Finally...  I've got a motor bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is like this!

☆YAMAHA  serow250☆

It's a off-road bike. I choose this one because I would 

love to ride a bike in a mountain!!!!

It can do it☆☆

It's just getting a maintenance now.

I will get it at the end of this month:)

I can not wait!!!!

After I got this bike, I will go for touring bike to 

everywhere by my self,with my friend...

Oh-----I'm really really looking forward to

seeing again to my baby----.

Have you ever traveled Japan by motor bike?

It also can be nice to look around by motor bike.

We have a lot of nature and good spots at country side.

I am also interested in travel to abroad by motor bike.

I will do it some day:)

 Have fun to everyone☆☆



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