Beautiful Kyoto Beautiful Food Beautiful BOSS!

Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, This is Kana here.
It's getting colder now  and make me not wanna get out of bed 

Kyoto is one of must-visit in Japan and personally I love Kyoto  too.  Me and Chika from Hiroshima J-hoppers often visit Kyoto and Osaka together for.....half sightseeing and Drinking!!

We catch up with Erika from J-hoppers Kyoto and Keiko from J-hoppers Osaka in Osaka and had dinner together and shared many stories. Was awesome night! The restaurant which recommended by Keiko was AWESOME. I wish I could visit there with them again.

On the 2nd day, our Boss Aki took me and Chika for sightseeing in Kyoto and had beautiful Local lunch!!
We were so impressed with those little dishes. They were so delicate and we were all speechless due to the taste.

Tofu cuisine is one of well known local food in Kyoto. 

And he took us where he spent his childhood. Was so quiet and peaceful. We had such a relaxing time.

Thanks Erika and Keiko for the 1st night!! Thanks Aki-san and Shin-san
 for the 2nd night!!!
And Thank you very much Chika for traveling to Osaka and Kyoto with me!!


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