British Fair

This is Nao from Kyoto Hana! 

British Fair was held at Hankyu Umeda Department few weeks ago.
I visit the fair every year. 
This time, I could have a chance to join a seminar of a famous tea company. 
The reservation was needed in advance. 
But it became full in 10minutes when it started! 
So I was very excited to join it! 

Ringtons is famous for the unique way of selling their products. 
They used to deliver the products by a horse cart to the costumers' home. 
People couldn't buy the tea in stores. 

Now, horse cart became car.
But they still don't allow to sell their products in stores.
I was amazed with this idea and how they think about the customers. 
Even though Ringtons can be known more widely if they sell in stores, it seemed costumers are more important. 

At the seminar, Simon san and Sue san(the CEO and his wife) gave us the lecture- how to make perfect Ringtons' tea. 

I definitely had a lovely time. 
They were very friendly!!! 
Now, I enjoy Ringtons tea at home and think someday I want to visit UK again:) 


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