Mt.Ontake, Autumn Color.

It has just started Autumn color around Takayama!!

I always try to go new places to see

the best seasonal view every year.

This time, Mt. Ontake!

It is famous mountain because it erupted last year...

Fortunately, there was no damage Gifu side.

The owner who owned "Gonoike goya" decided to open his Hat this season again.

I love that place so much, so I visited again there.

The weather was perfect to see Autumn colors.

I enjoyed beautiful sunset, clear sky with thousands of stars and milky way!!

I got up early to see sunrise and had morning coffee at the terrace!!

It was -3℃ on the top of the mountain, so water was frozen....!!

The hat will be closed 15th October because of snow,

but I recommend to stay at "Gonoike goya" if you have chance to visit.

The autumn color in Takayama town will be started very soon!!


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