My favorite time

One and a half year passed since I moved to Kyoto City.
I am from the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture so I came to Kyoto City once every 2 months for shopping or just strolling but visiting and living in the city is different.
I like my life in Kyoto City.

If I am asked what is my favorite thing in Kyoto, I would say I like spending time on Kamo River.
We have no beach to chill out but we have the river and you will see many people enjoying their time there.

I often walk along the river between my house and Sanjo street, about 40min. for one way.
Sometime I bring sandwiches and have lunch watching some ducks and sometimes I grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks which is right next to Sanjo bridge and read a book listening the sound of the river.

Every time I walk along the river, I find something small happiness. (for me :P)
A nutria (coypu) grooming under the bridge, old Japanese couple holding their hands (which is really rare), sun going down behind the Kyoto tower, and the others...

It is good to visit lots of famous tourist spots but I recommend just relaxing beside Kamo river and you may find something memorable.



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