Pottery class

Hello! This is Yulia from J-Hopper Kyoto.
When I just came to Kyoto, all those ceramic shops at Gojo-zaka and around Kyomizu area impressed me so much! Japanese ceramics is very different from what I have seen in Europe. I was amazed by its natural beauty and simplicity. I wanted to try to do something by myself; even though I didn’t really believe I could do something that elaborate and sophisticated.
Since May I am learning pottery at Yu Kobo (ゆう工房)Workshop at Shijo Street. First lesson at the workshop was a big challenge. Classroom was full of different cups, plates, vases… Everything was so shiny and beautiful…

My first task was to make a rice bowl. With help of my wonderful sensei, it worked out. It took me 3 lessons to finish my bowl. First one to make a shape, second one to carve bottom of the bowl and to improve shape, where it was necessary. After we glazed it, work was done. And I had my first hand made rice bowl!
During next half a year my sensei taught me how to make cups, plates, sake glasses. Right now I am trying to make a teapot.
To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if you are good at pottery or not. Just these lessons are really relaxing. They gave me chance to feel creative and happy.
That workshop also have one-lesson course, where you can try yourself and decide whether you want to continue.

Here is their wbe-site:http://yukobo.co.jp/kyoto.html


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