Winter is coming soon!!!!

Hi.It is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
It is getting colder and colder in Japan.
Few days ago, my mum already put a ''Kotatsu ''in the living room.
Kotatsu is the one of the traditional heating system.
An electric heater is attached to the table and we put futon on it.
Sitting around Kotatsu with my family or friends and chatting together  is one of the my favorite things in winter. I also like to eat a mochi ice cream 雪見大福 sitting in it :) Strange as it may sound, mochi ice cream and Kotatsu is the best combination for me!

Since it is soooooo comfortable, it makes us feel sleepy.

" You had better NOT sleep in a Kotatsu not to catch a cold!"

It was often sad by my mum .....
I knew I have should slept on the bed because it heats up only my legs and not whole my body....
However , I could not help sleeping ...

If you have any chance to see Kotatsu anywhere in Japan, please experience the Japanese seasonal tradition of winter:)


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