Goodbye to frozen face

First snow fell in Takayama downtown on Nov 27, finally. The date might sound early given December was still a few days away but in fact this first hint of winter usually descends upon Takayama in mid November. Thanks to such a slow start to winter, I have a bit more time to get prepared.

I live in a wooden house with very poor insulation, so my first winter in Takayama last year was a very tough one. This year around, I am resolved to exhaust all my means to ensure I can enjoy a much warmer winter. For example, I stuck bubble wrap onto the windows, installed wind-stopping boards by the windows, and pampered myself with a thicker futon. The last piece of the puzzle, I think, is to install some thicker curtains for even better insulation.

Let’s see if I can save myself from waking up every day feeling my face frozen this year…


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