Sumo!! dosukoi!!

I went to see Sumo for the first time recently!
I had never been since I went to this one!
Can you believe it?

It was held in Fukuoka Kokusai Center 
which is 20mins from Fukuoka Hana Hostel.
I finished work at 2PM and went there with my friends.

we got chair sheets which is 2100JPY!

There were like 3tornament and Sumo player(Likishi) 
are divided due to their strenth.
We watched the last tornament which is the strongest level one.
Sumo was cool and interesting but We were so hungry and sleepy so left there without finishing. lol

I just regret.
We should have brought Sake and food there.  
That would be the best!
「相撲 福岡」の画像検索結果

For any those who will go to see Sumo, bring sake and food!
This is my advice ;)


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