Jizo's knit cap

Hi there!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.

When you are traveling some other country,
Most of people realize some cultural differences,I guess.

I've asked the same question couples of time in last 3monts.
The question is,,,,

"Why Jizo statues wear a red knit cap?"

Oh,that's good question!
As Jizo is so familiar to me sence I was a child,I didn't think about it....

About this question,I could find out the reason.

Jizo is one of the most popular Buddist bodhisattvas in japan.
Jizo is belived to be the guardian of the Earth who saves all living things after the death of
Budda,before the appearance of the benevolent bodhisattva.

Many Jizo statues wear a red baby's cap and bib which people offer
because they belived Jizo helps dead children go to the Buddhist equivalent of Heaven.

mmm.....That's good to know!!
There are still lots of things that I don't know in Japan.


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