No music No life!!

Hello:) This is MAYU form J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

It's getting cold day by day in Hiroshima.

I like winter very much♪ It has clear sky,

beautiful snow ,and delicious sea food!!!!!!

So, I'm in a great mood now a days:)

Then,I am so happy now because I went to

a music live of Tamio Okuda!!

It was at the MAZUDA STADIUM.

This is a new stadium in Hiroshima city centre.

It was the first time to have a music live in there.

Tamio Okuda. Do you know him?

He is from Hiroshima. So, It could come true in there.

He is cool and loves a travel,motor bike,American car.

I feel freedom when I listen to his music.

 He has special atmosphere.

laid-back music but It has big passion.

I've had an impulse to take off on a journey!!

Thank you Tamio and his music!!


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