Pottery Workshop Touan (陶葊)

This is Yulia and one more post about ceramics!
Last week I went to a small excursion to Pottery Workshop Touan (陶葊). It is located close to Tofuku-ji Temple and exists already for several generations. So I was lucky to see very traditional and high-level pottery factory. First of all, I was surprised with very spacious hall where guests are served tea (so you can actually try Touan tea cups at work). Master and his wife made tea for us and treated us chestnut desert (very typical for this part of the year). 
Finally, we could see factory itself! On the first floor masters were creating plates, cups, teapots and many other things. After clay got dry, they were improving the shape and working with bottom of the products. As I am also taking pottery classes recently, to see how real masters do such an exquisite workmanship so fast and confident was a miracle for me. On the second floor already completed products got painted. 4 women were diligently painting floral patterns on cups and vases. When I asked master, how long you should study to be able to make these paintings, he answered that it was a matter of talent not time…

By the way, for people who want to check, if they have talent or not, Touan makes special experience class. With help of master you can paint your own cup!
 I saw such a big variety of patterns: flowers, autumn leaves, landscapes and some abstract paintings as well. It is a great feeling when you can touch something so beautiful that has a long history…

Touan has several shops around Kyoto. But the biggest one is in Nishiki food market. I visited there too. I will go back to Russia with a tea set (5 cups and 5 plates), which will keep me remember how exquisite and beautiful Japan and Japanese art and craft is.

This set I am going to buy soon J
web-page : http://www.touan.co.jp/


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