Ramen ! Ramen !! and one more Ramen !!!

Hi there all ! It's Madi from Q-beh :)

Today I went out with my friends to discover "Ichijo", north area of Kyoto city.
I have been telling by other people this area is very famous for ramen noodles so been wishing to try out sometime and finally my this small wish came true !

We were willing to try out at least 5 ramen noodles out of millions (well I don't really know exactly how many ramen noodles restaurants exist in this area.) but we are all female so couldn't make it so at the end of day, we tried out 3 of them. Well this quite good number for female ;)

Anyway, first one was "Bishiya", famous by pork broth with soy sauce flavour. I actually am from Fukuoka where is famous prefecture for ramen noodles with pork broth and we Fukuoka people all believe our ramen is best in Japan ! so this one is challenging me :P And the result was... pretty good ! The pork broth has good and strong enough flavour, good presntaion :) but noodles were just OK for me. This may be just because I got used to eat thin ramen noodles in my hometown but still it was too thick and I could taste too much flour... So the score for this restaurant is 5 out of 10 :)

Next one is "Gokkei", famous by super spicy ramen. I am crazy about any spicy foods so was so excited for this and expected a lot ! We waited for more than few hours and finally the moment came !!! But oh dear... oh dear... It was bad... just bad :( The presentation was great and smelled spicy but broth was like white stew, taste was just OK, wasn't even spicy. So disappointed that I actually killed my time and waited for a long time :(  So the score for this restaurant is 2 out of 10 :(

 The last one is "Yuhi no Kirameki", famous by Taiwan style "no soup" ramen. We all wondered what exactly "Taiwan style" means cause one of my Taiwan friend told that there is no such a thing in Taiwan... So we all became interested in then decided to try out it. And it was average. No taste which remind me of Taiwan... of course :P The presentation was really nice and taste was good enough as well :) So the score is 4 out of 10 :)

At the end of the day, it was good time to have done this and I would love to try other ramen restaurants as well next time ! But at the same time, I thought that I really love my home town's ramen noodles are always best lol

Thank you very much for reading whoever spent your precious time here !


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