Recommended souvenir of Osaka : ) vol.1

Hello !!
I'm Haru from Osaka Hana Hostel : )

If you come to Osaka, what would you like to buy as a souvenir??

Must buy is a steamed meat bun called ”Butaman” at 551 Horai and a cheese cake at Rikuro-ojisan.

Or some snacks flavored with Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.

Nowadays they are very famous as souvenirs of Osaka!!
But I would like to introduce another good products to you : )

Kakitane kitchen

《Price》 1Box : 368yen / 9boxes sampler : 3,308yen
《Where》 Osaka Takashimaya B1F, UmedaHanshin B1F etc...
《URL》 only)

Japanese people love Kakinotane snack.
Kakinotane is one of the famous snacks of Japan, it is a spicy rice cracker which looks like persimmon seeds.

You can buy normal Kakinotane at the supermarket and the price is cheap!!
But Kakitane kitchen sells the high-grade kakinotane to you!!
Taste is more luxury than normal one and it has a lot of flavors.

Would you like to eat???
Kakinotane go with beer so please try it !!

Thank you for reading !!

To be continued...


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