Walking from Kyoto Station to Gion / Higashiyama area

 Hiya, this is Yoshi from Q-beh.
Recently, I went for a walk from JR Kyoto Station to Gion area on a holiday!!
It took about 50 minutes to get to Q-beh on foot indeed...

 For my lunch, I  had Okonomiyaki with some pints of beer in Fugetsu in Yodobashi-Camera near JR Kyoto Station.

Especially on the 6th floor in Yodobashi-Camera, you will find many restaurants including Japanese BBQ (yakiniku), Ramen, Italian, and Chinese!!

 After that, I went along Shichijo street from Karasuma-Shichijo near Kyoto Hana Hostel, going straight along Kawaramachi-Street, and getting to Gojo-Kawaramachi!
Along Gojo street, some of you may know  "YUMEYAKATA" where you can dress up in beautiful yukata : ) (I sometimes visit there only for my hairdo.)

 Then, going along Shomen street from Gojo, I passed in front of the old headquarter of Nintendo, which used to produce "hanafuda"(Japanese card games), near Shomen bridge.
I felt a wee bit far away from the bridge to Gion, but thanks to delicious okonomiyaki and Japanese beer, I was still energetic!!

 Finally, I managed to arrive in Gion area!!
First of all, I visited Maeda Coffee to have an iced  coffee as I felt thirsty....

 Maeda Coffee is really popular among our guests in Q-beh as it opens from 7am to 6pm.
So, it is good for a beakfast before visiting Kodaiji, Kenninji, and Kiyomizudera Temple.
I would like to try a greentea perfait there next time :)

 Then, I visited Entokuin to see beautiful Japanese gardens with illuminations.
Some leaves were getting coloured into yellow and red.

While sitting on the veranda called ”engawa,” by the north garden, I had nothing to consider my daily life with a serene mind, feeling relaxed.

 After passing through ”Ishibekoji” street, I came back to Q-beh!

It was good exercise tho. I was fascinated by this traditional area near Q-beh.
Why don't you go exploring from Q-beh?


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