Do you know a cat cafe in Kyoto ?

Do you like cats ?
Then Here's the place you should go !

This is called cat cafes ,It's a popular place for all generation people .

The place I visited was a kind of huge ,
Floors are made by Tatami ,and you can see more then 15cats!

All cats are used to touched by people so they are friendly !
Most of them were sleeping all the time ,but once you get a food to give them (it's 100¥),you would be so surrounded by them !lol

After enjoying with adorable cats,you can move to a cafe space which is just located next to the cats area .

Cats are not allowed to be in this cafe,
So everything is so clean and comfortable!

I would recommend to get your face down on some cats chilling out like this ⬇︎

Ahhh,so relaxing !!!!
However ,after you do this ,Cats definitely 
Try to run away though .

If you liked it ,you should go !!


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