funny Japanese band

Hello, this is Nao from Kyoto Hana!

What kind of music do you listen?
I normally listen to rock music, but like many kinds.
I go to a live concert at least once a month.

This week I went to see a Japanese band that is called "REKISHI".
Their music is very catchy and have so funny lyrics about Japanese history!

This song is about Murasaki Shikibu who is a famous historical author.
The music video made me laugh so much!!
It was filmed at many places in Kyoto even at Kenninji Temple which is close from Q-beh!
So the scenery is very familiar for me.

Their concert was so fun!!
For the concert goods, they sold ears of rice because it appears in the lyrics of a song.
Many audience had it during the song.
Even though I've seen so many bands so far, their concert was the most unique and funniest concert :D


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