Many many Thanks to all the guest who shared the time with me

It is already in December without noticing....I just can't stop surprising how fast time goes...
2015 is almost ending...
I have met many many wonderful guest throughout this year. We had drink together, we cooked dinner together, and went out for the clubbing together and so on.

I can't thanks enough to all those people who shared the time with me.

We have received one parcel couple days ago. We had no idea where it came from and what's in it until we opened up.

We have such a wonderful gifts and letters from guest who stayed here for 7 days in Oct. They were from America and treated all of us so nicely and I even felt like talking to my grandparents. It was sooo comfortable sharing the time with them.

They were so nice to us all the time while they were staying here and we all missed them a lot when they leave. And After few months, they still remembered us and gave us such a wonderful surprise.
I just really really appreciate to get to know people like them. And I strongly determined that I will try to be nice person who has warm heart

like them. Don't know how yet but I am really glad to meet someone that who I want to be like.

Hope to see Kiyoko and Ray in the future. Many Many Thanks.


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