Japanese Machu Pichu ?

Hi,this is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

Have you ever heard about Japans Machu Picchu?

One day when one of our guest from Australia leaves HANA, I asked her about next destination after Hiroshima.She said

I am going to the Japanese Machu Pichu!!!!!

And she explained me about it.
When she stayed at a hotel in Kyoto, the receptionist told her about it.
 It is Takeda castle which is one of the famous castle in Hyogo prefecture.

I knew that there is a castle as known "a Castle in the Sky".
However, I did not know it also called Japannese Machu Pichu .
(I checked it out on the internet and found that not only the Takeda castle but also there are some castles called Japanese Machu Pichu.)
Movie[Castle in the Sky/LAPUTA]


Takeda Castle
 The Japanese Machu Pichu is really beautiful but we can hardly see it.....
It needs satisfies some conditions(Whether,Temperature,Time.....).
It said until the end of February you might see it.

I hope she could see it on that day.....

If I have chance,I want to go there to have a precious experience!

*****How to get to Takeda Castle*****************************
Take JR to Takeda station about 3 hours by local train from Osaka.
Walk along a mountain road about 1 hour.
 *Trip Adviser (Japanese Machu Pichu)

 *The wall street  journal (The Mystery of ‘Japan’s Machu Picchu’)


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