This is something about Christmas

Last year we had a lovely White Christmas.  Due to the global warming, Takayama is very warm this year.  I would like to share some interesting findings in Japan which are different from where I come from.  While I was reading the local magazine, there are many advertisements about Christmas cakes and at the same time I saw that the Christmas cakes are sold in supermarkets and convenient stores as well.  The most interesting thing is that the cakes will become half-priced during 25 December late night and 26 December.  I was very surprised as I have a feeling that 26 December, 2016 is the boxing day which should be considered as Christmas.  My colleagues explained that Japanese consider 26 December, 2015 is not Christmas and as New Year in Japan is 1 January, thus Japanese will change their mindset to looking forward to New Year on 26 December, 2015.  There is also an old saying that women over 25 years old are the half-priced Christmas cake on 26 December 2016.  I find it very funny!! 

Last but not least, Santa Claus in Honmachi, Takayama also changed to beckoning cat
(招き猫) on 26 December.  I feel a little bit sad of seeing the beckoning cat on boxing day and always hope that Santa Claus can stay a little bit longer on boxing day…..




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