Food Stall Street in Kure

Hello this is MAYU from J-Hoppers Hiroshima:)

Have you tried a Food stall in Japan?

It has amazing quality now a days!!

Kure city which is east of Hiroshima city,There is 

a street for Food Stall. Now,This place is only one 

where has Food stall in Hiroshima.

There are so many problems to keep working on the

street.I know just Kure and Fakata there are an area

which has Food stall in west of Japan.

That's really sad because I like the place

and drinking outside.

 I went to Kure last week. It was sunday.

So there are just 2 stall:( I picked up the one and

stay there 2 hours:) There are only 8 seat and 8people.

So we are close to each other and get used to soon.

They serve draft beer hot sake,shouchu and so on.

 After close the stall,They take away the stall all.

They set up it,and take away,day and day.

That's quite interesting:)

If you have any chance to go to stall.

Please enjoy the exparience!!


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