Have you ever try Hiroshima beef?

Hi there!

As I work at the hostel reception,I've been asked lots of questions which is about travel information,directions something like that.

"Do you know where we have KOBE beef in Hiroshima?"

This is the one of top 5 question I guess.

To be honest,Unfortunately,I've never had Kobe beef before,That's why I always recommend
Hiroshima beef instead :-)

If you go to a department  store,you can get them cheep and cook in the kitchen  at the hostel.
I cooked sukiyaki with Hiroshima beef for dinner on christmas.

Look this big sliced beef!!!!!!

If you would like to enjoy Hiroshima  Beef at the restaurant.
I recommend this restaurant  which is called TOMIYA.
There is a long line at lunch time every time.you can have Hiroshima beef steak around 1000yen for lunch! it comes with rice and miso soup and some side dishes as well!!

Hiroshma-shi,Naka-ku,Fukuromachi 2-6

It takes about 10 minutes walk from peace park ;-)  Enjoy!!!!


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