Le déjeuner - crêpe

 When you are travelling around Japan, have you found that some 
 Japanese restaurant selling crêpe?
 Have you tried it ?  
 I bet you may love it if you are a fans of chocolate, fruit and ice cream. 
 Last year, I attended a wedding in Brittany, France where crêpe is orginally made. 
 I am interested in reading the menu in the cafe or brasserie and to try the authentic
 crêpe in France.  What’s more ? 
 I found that garlette is also the specialty in Brittany. 
 Garlette is different from crêpe which crêpe is a sweet type of pancakes with fruit 
 and chocolate whereas garlette is a bit salty which is usually with cheese, ham 
 or sausages etc.
 During my spare time, I fancy going to the crêpe and garlette restaurant here. 
 I am fond of the various choices available and would like to try one by one.  
 Few days before, I went to a nice restaurant which is close to J hopper Takayama.   
 The name of the restaurant Hanchikutei.  The website is as folllows 
My recommendation during winter is the Hida apple custard crêpe and it is only
350 yen.  It seems that the popular crêpe nowadays is the Hida beef crêpe. 
 Anyone would like to try it ???



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