Me versus Dharma LOL

Hi there ! It's Madi from Q-beh :)

Recently I went to Toji-In as I have been wising to visit.

This is a Buddhist temple of the Rinzai Tenryu sect located in Kita ward, Kyoto and close from Tenryu-Ji and Kinkaku-Ji aka Golden Pavilion.

I assume that this place is not famous as much as other main places to foreign tourists.
Thus this place is pretty quiet and you can chill out as long as you want.
Plus this one also has nice and cozy Japanese garden.

But these are not the reason why I have been wising to visit.

So then why ?

Here is the answer.

Ta-da ! This is signature of Toji-In ! (for me :P)
So there is the huge size of Dharma drawing in the main area and welcome you friendly.

Since I saw a picture of this somewhere... maybe a text book of history at the school... ?
well anyway, I have been dreaming to see this and finally I made it !

I can't remember the exact history to tell you but it doesn't matter for us does it !? This drawing just attracts me so much coz it has a friendly face and also somehow unique and little handsome :)

So I was soooo glad when I finally saw this. Just sad thing was I could make it just before the closing time so couldn't spend much time as I wished to chill out and have green tea as their another signature thing there :( Maybe next time !

If you are willing to visit somewhere not on your guide books, this place might be good for you !

Thank you for reading through :) See you next time !


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