One-day trip to Ohara

Hello every one, this is Umi from Taiwan, a new stuff of Q-beh.

On the second snowing day of Kyoto, I visited Ohara, the north moutain area of Kyoto city. 

It was my first time to see so much snow. I got so excited and fell down in three minutes after getting off the bus, felt frozen and hurt but still happy.

I visited Jakkoin Temple, one of the most famouse temple in Ohara. The way to Jakkoin Temple was a silent and peaceful approach, almost no people around there(guess because of the big snow, nobody wants go outside), all sounds I could hear was the sound of snow falling down from trees.

Also I tried my first time ashiyu in Japan. Putting feet inside the hot spring and drinking hot amazake at the same time in a relaxing coffee shop just saved me from pains of my feet.
In the end of my trip, I meet a lovely snow man. I soonly gave her a name as Kinkin because her face just like one of my good friends names Kinkin. Kinkin, hope to see you one day again.


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