Nice to meet you!

Hi!How is it going?
Nice to meet you!I am Kazuko who work at Osaka Hana Hostel as a receptionist.

Please call me Kazzy:)

Let me introduce my self a bit!
I had been stayed in Brisbane of Australia for 10month for Working Holiday!
(I love Australia! There is awesome:)
Also I was working at a Organic Vegetable Farm as woofer!
So I could lead a life that surrounded by nature there.

I am from Nara, and I like to fish, driving,shopping and reading the book so on...
Nowadays especially I am into watching a movie and Sake :)

I have watched a lot of movies which are awesome  so I can not chose the best one.
But among them, my current favorite movie is 'despicable me'

Have you ever heard minions?
Minions are creatures which appear in the movie.
They are so funny,adorable,stupid but dedicated
I am crazy about them!!

Minions always try to hard for their boss.

Their attitude of doing absolute best is really impressive.Even it is bad way.haha

I also have to do them:)

And one more thing...

I am crash on Japanese SAKE!

It tastes awesome!!

We have Japanese Sake Bar down stairs,so please come to the Bar!

I work once a week there, so let's enjoy talking and SAKE together!!

I am waiting for your coming:)


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