Let's cook & enjoy sukiyaki at home!

Hiya, this is Yoshi from Kyoto Hana Hostel!

Last month, I cooked sukiyaki to celebrate New Year's Day!
Sukiyaki is one of the most famous Japanese food like sushi, but how to cook it differs from place to place.

Here is our original simple recipe!
As these pieces of sir-loin include lots of fat, we 
do not use oil. 
First of all, we roast the meat, adding soy source, sweet sake called ”mirin,” and yellow soft sugar, then eating before making sukiyaki. 
This is one of the most exiting ones to taste sirloin!

After that, please add sliced pieces of white leeks and cut ”shungiku (edible chrysanthemum)” and shimeji mashrooms.
Then, please pour a cup of ”dashi (Japanese soup stock)” if you feel the taste is strong.
Raw eggs are essential to enjoy sukiyaki!

What else can we enjoy sukiyaki?
We add udon into the sukiyaki pan like a Japanese hotpot after enjoying sukiyaki.
At this stage, you may be almost full!

Anyway, sukiyaki is a quite simple Japanese food. Why don't you have sukiyaki??


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