Nana-chan !!

Hi! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
I can not believe February is almost over...
Time goes so fast !!


Have you heard about the most famous GIRL in Nagoya?

Her name is "NANA-Chan".
She is standing in front of the escalator to Meitetsu Bus Center near Nagoya station.
LOOK! How tall she is! Her hight is 6m10cm!

Her costume is changed every month.

Actually I did NOT know about her before ....
Last week,I visited Nagoya for the first time to see my friend.
She took me some sightseen spots in Nagoya.
We had the local food of Nagoya,Misokatsu (Miso flavored pork cutlet),
Nagoya-style-breakfast and went to Nagoya castle....(Was amazing!!!)

However,"Nana-chan" was the most impressive for me.
My friend told me that she wore even "Naruto costume" "Ironman costume" before.

Also,her jaws got out of joint once since she was surprised too much.
When you visit Nagoya, why don't you check her costume as well :)



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